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Why OnboardXi?

The demands of operational, regulatory, and technical integrations make processing business and onboarding clients increasingly difficult. In addition, the inefficient, expensive paper-based procedures cut into profits and unnecessarily complicate workflow, making business more complicated for insurance companies trying to increase profits and remain competitive.

Many solutions widely available to insurance companies and distributors have a forms-driven tech approach. Many of these systems – even the quite popular ones - were not even created with the Insurance Industry in mind. For this reason, many solutions do not go hand-in-hand with long-term business objectives and value delivery. This realization pushed us to develop a system that would be data first, designed for the Insurance Industry, and solve a lot of age-old problems companies face (like forms standardization).

The OnboardXi solution mitigates your business's operational processing challenges and duplicities. We help your business thrive with increased ROI through the reduction of manual entry errors. We also provide scale to active processing areas with enhanced sales enablement capabilities, critical client onboarding processes, and experience improvements. 

Accurate Client Information

The poor client onboarding process and handwritten information with difficult-to-read or illegible scanned documents make for a sub-optimal client experience. OnboardXi validates each form field to ensure proper application completion. Let's get it right the first time. If we understand the client, we can make better risk decisions. 

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Multiple Review Stages

Long and multiple-stage reviews are common and create dependencies for compliance approvals. Let's process the business as automated and fast as possible, keeping a firm eye on compliance and increasing speed to issue.

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Not in Good Order (NIGO)

Missing or inaccurate information hinders workflows and can be very disruptive. Any delay can result in lost sales opportunities and negative client experiences. Let's become more efficient and eliminate the cost of reprocessing applications, Policyowners service forms, or claim forms.

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Duplicate Entry and Non-Persistent Data

Re-entry of information multiple times and duplication of effort can be very costly, leading to higher processing time, delays, and damaging administrative morale. Let's eliminate the redundant data entry on forms and let's good data throughout the value chain without re-entering the data. A key for us is streamlining and automating how the front and back offices work together more transparently and efficiently.

OnboardXi is where insurance companies and distributors digitally onboard clients in one secure, compliant platform. We deliver a modern, digitized, standardized platform to help companies start and capture client onboarding data during the application process. For us, it's all about managing and leveraging the data through your processes to allow your firm to make better risk and fraud decisions. It's all about the Data!

Time is money, which makes your time our priority. That's why we deliver operational results fast and efficiently. That's why you can trust us to streamline your onboarding process with the technology and knowledge only a top industry platform can provide.


We would love to hear from you. Reach out to learn more about  OnboardXi and to get a demo.

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