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Who We Serve

We serve insurance companies and distributors of all sizes.

We are product agnostic; therefore, you can process all lines of business through one "data first" driven platform, with workflows that intelligently route the business according to your rules. We make your company operate more efficiently in a data-driven environment.

Insurance Companies

The heart of our business is helping the insurance operations manage application intake in real-time, and process and track progress through the entire application cycle. We have found that companies currently spend money on forms-driven solutions coupled with workflow solutions, but still doesn't solve the problems of making all of your data actionable. With OnboardXi, using a data-first approach, insurance companies deliver a better experience for their agents and clients by automating some tedious parts of onboarding while reducing manual tasks and the high cost of operational processing.


A distributor is a company established by independent insurance agents or captive agents that need a firm to write additional business lines that work as a partnership between insurance carriers and independent agents. Independent agents turn to distributors for strong carrier partnerships to help expand revenue potential through sales support, integrated marketing initiatives, and streamlined operational support. You may hear them called "Brokerages" or "General Agencies." 

Our platform helps distributors with client onboarding, forms, and workflow and creates the pre-underwriting packet to send to the carrier for processing. We help IMOs perform the pre-underwriting task to send to the carrier for underwriting. We quickly deploy business rules across your multi-product, multi-carrier platform! We're on a mission to make your life easier!

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