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Our Solutions

New Business Onboarding

OnboardXi's client onboarding capabilities are unmatched in the industry. We use a data-first or digital solution that captures, manages, routes, and stores the new applications and any third-party data we have pulled to compile and create a completed application packet to inject into the Underwriting process. We make underwriting more efficient and help reduce risk by providing complete information upfront...the first time.  

Renewal Processing

Generate and route renewal paperwork digitally.

Intelligent Packaged Data

OnboardXi compiles all of your applications, and third-party data pulls into a digital client record to inject actionable data into your underwriting, claims, and policy owners' servicing process. This capability speeds up the underwriting process by having good clean data to underwrite. 

Policy Owner Servicing Automation

OnboardXi generates and routes policy owners' service requests for handling to the appropriate department in a digital environment.

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We help with:

Security & Compliance

Every keystroke in our solution is auditable and trackable. We even allow you to see application changes as data is entered. Additionally, we are 17a3, 17a4, HIPAA, & GDPR compliant.

OnboardXi is built with compliance on the top of its mind

Sales Enablement / Cross-selling Opportunities

OnboardXi's new features allow you to upsell right in the application process. In other words, we help you drive incremental sales from your newly submitted applications. Once an application is deemed "In good order," we have developed a unique way to send a summary of the policy coverages purchased and make additional insurance offers to the client for acceptance.

Drive incremental Sales while in your application process:  coming soon!

Cloud Storage

Data and Document Storage is often expensive to set up and maintain. Running costs – in terms of infrastructure and skills required to ensure all SLAs and regulatory retention requirements are met satisfactorily – can add up significantly, often unnoticed as a separate line item in the books. OnboardXi wants to provide a game-changing solution for Insurance companies and IMOs of all sizes and in various stages of their digitalization journey. Storage doesn't have to be expensive. OnboardXi offers cloud storage and utilizes hot and archive storage for cost controls and containment.

Safe & Secure cloud data and document storage with backup

We help companies move from on-premises storage or data & documents stored in old legacy solutions to Cloud Storage. These are some of the reasons why Insurance companies should look at cloud storage as the go-to solution:


Secure and easy Data Sharing

Cost Effectiveness


Data Availability

Hot & Archive options
are available

Backups and Redundancy Solutions

17a3, 17a4, HIPAA, & GDPR Compliant


Blockchain Options

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Easy Integrations

The OnboardXi solution mitigates your business's operational processing challenges and duplicities. We help your business thrive with increased ROI through the reduction of manual entry errors. We also provide scale to active processing areas with enhanced sales enablement capabilities, critical client onboarding processes, and experience improvements. 

Data Integration

Being a data-first company, the Platform is designed and developed right from the concept to ensure seamless and easy integration with your systems and third-party systems. This is a primary need to enable data availability and integrity within the Platform and across the ecosystem. With integrations, data security is a primary requirement, especially in the Insurance Industry.

System Integration

We currently integrate and exchange data using APIs, FTP and programatically. By having a suite of integrations with core insurance processing companies, we securely connect with your ERP, CRM, Underwriting, Call Center, Claims & other systems.

Block Chain

A key opportunity that future-focused insurance companies are adopting is Blockchain technology. The power of the technology is through the secure sharing of data across multiple entities, Fraud Elimination, Information Integrity, and overall Accountability. Access to the technology, perceived complexity, and inflated pricing deter even the most ambitious companies from adopting the technology. OnboardXi offers a cost-effective, comprehensive blockchain implementation option that can put Insurance companies miles ahead of the competition.

Discover the OnboardXi Difference –
Making all of your Company Data Actionable

New firms are up and running in days

One complete platform for all product lines

Guided intelligent workflows specifically

for your firm

Unlimited support and training

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